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Remove Any Undesirable Flooring - Floor Removal

AAA Cleaning Team Inc can save you time, money and back breaking labor with our state of the art floor removal system. We offer fast and effective results regardless of job conditions.
Our National 5600 Ride On Floor Scraper can safely and effectively remove any undesirable flooring from your commercial or residential property. With AAA's advanced dust control system, we can offer virtually dust free demolition significantly faster than traditional methods.
Tile, VCT, Wood and Carpet can be removed in little to no time without generating any unwanted dust! This floor removal system is perfect for homeowners and contractors alike.Whether you have engineered wood or granite tile - Wall to Wall--AAA removes it all

**Rental Option **

Includes ride on floor scraper & machine operator for 8 hours    $1395.00

Call now for a free estimate 727-422-3536 and learn how AAA Cleaning Team and Floor Removal can take your unwanted floors from

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